DARK MATTER: Jeff Teravainen interview! [VIDEO]

Lieutenant Anders made it back from the dead, helped out THREE, and made up with his old friend SIX this season in Dark Matter. We think he’s earned a place on the Raza crew, and actor Jeff Teravainen would love be part of the motley band of criminal do-gooders. Of course that is if Joe Mallozzi and co. can reverse the show’s cancellation decision – well the Save Anders campaign worked, right?

Though he is probably more well known for his voice than his formidable figure, having voiced multiple video game characters, Jeff talks about being part of the Dark Matter team and fan response to his character, becoming a Syfy staple with his other roles including 12 Monkeys, as well as his passion for paleontology!

Check out our interview below:

Dark Matter is available on DVD and Netflix

12 Monkeys returns for  fourth and final season in 2018.

Season 3 of The Expanse is also expected to premiere in early 2018.


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