THE ORVILLE: NEW HORIZONS – Funny cast interview! [VIDEO]

It’s a rollercoaster of a day for fans of The Orville, Seth Macfarlane’s space dramedy, that has had us waiting on the 3rd season for close to 3 years. After an announcement today that the season 3 premiere of the show, now titled The Orville: New Horizons is being delayed again till June 2nd, MacFarlane released a sneak peek of the season premiere to soften the blow.

It is an epic opening scene, and with shiny new titles to boot it promises to be the spectacular high end restart many are hoping for. However fans left thirsty for more may be dejected at the prospect of waiting till June for further offerings, so we found the fantastic foursome of Mark Jackson (Isaac), Peter Macon (Lt, Cmdr. Bortus), Scott Grimes (Lt Gordon Malloy)  and J Lee (Lt. Cmdr. John Lamaar)  to shed a little light on what to expect. Though they remained tight-lipped about the details, they did suggest a season with smatterings of music, romance and …butt-cracks! Watch the hilarious full interview below:

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