April Fools Haven Style – The ‘Alternate’ Troubles

We love our Haven characters but they are certainly not perfect. Even without their individual Troubles they still have their flaws, which can be pretty entertaining when they surface. In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, here’s a little silliness for this week’s  Haven 5 for 5.

Nathan Wuornos – Door Troubles

Nathan has real difficulty opening doors. At the end of season 3 he gets locked out of the Barn (though perhaps he could have tried pulling, not pushing). In season 4 things get serious again as Audrey’s life is in danger when the other-worldly door won’t open for him – luckily Jennifer is on hand to help them out. In 4×05 Audrey has to use her lock-picking talent to get them out of a storage room – a skill he could do with learning! Maybe it’s linked to his neuropathy somehow. Even though it’s not his fault, it’s enough to give a man a complex! And it was funny to see his affliction spilling into real life, when Lucas struggles to open a jail cell in the S4 gag reel. But, as we see in 1×05 and 4×04, Nathan has found his own solution – if you can’t open it, kick it down!

Dwight Hendrickson –  A Cleaning Compulsion

Poor Dwight could do with some CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help him leave behind his former career. It seems you can make a Chief out of a cleaner, but you can’t take the cleaner out of the Chief. At work he carries his cleaning products with him in his car, and in a brief glimpse of him off-duty in 4×09 what do we see him doing? Yep – putting out the rubbish. I bet his place is pristine! Not that it’s a bad thing – he puts his skills to good use in 4×03 looking for blood, with even Nathan cracking up as Dwight admits “Once a cleaner, always a cleaner”.

Adam Copeland as Dwight Hendrickson in Haven. syfyhaven.net

Audrey Parker – What’s In A Name?

In a great little side-story in episode 1×08, we are introduced to Audrey’s flaw with hilarious effect. She calls Stan ‘Stu’ and then ‘Steve’, even after Nathan corrects her, and she refers to a forensic photographer as Tony when he’s actually named Eddie. There is a serious point to be made by highlighting this – she has no friends, except Nathan, leading to a beautiful bonding moment between our detective duo, but I really enjoyed the sweet and funny interlude. Later, as Lexie, she expresses difficulty pronouncing Wuornos (I don’t blame her) and starts using nicknames like Cheekbones, perhaps as a light reference to her earlier self – or perhaps just to bug him! Let’s see if Mara inherits the same affliction.

Duke – Bad Taste in Women

This is something that Eric Balfour came to realise early on, explaining it to fans at NYCC in 2011, as seen here from 3.15:

He probably thought Jennifer was a step up in comparison but she didn’t last long either sadly.   It seems a risky business dating Duke – most of his lovers end up deceased.  Maybe he should hold off dating for a while. Awww!

Jordan – An Aversion To Colour

Why does Jordan always wear black? Is it to make her look more sinister? Is she Goth, or a big fan of Catwoman? There’s no denying she looks fantastic but those leathers must get hot in the summer sun, especially with gloves. One thing’s for sure: Jordan’s colourful personality certainly makes up for the lack in her wardrobe. Here’s hoping we get to see her again.

Jordan in Haven 4x2 "Survivors" - syfyhaven.net

Video – Alternate Troubles in “The New Girl”

Pruedens, on YouTube, has managed to capture our favourite Havenites brilliantly here:

What nuances have you noticed in our favourite cast? Any other 5 for 5 ideas? Let me know!  We return to Haven in the Fall and I’m SOOOO ready!

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