Haven ‘5 for 5′ Series – Most Anticipated Reveals

With filming finally resuming in Nova Scotia, and the show’s fantastic crew hinting at what Season 5 may bring, Twitter feeds have been rife with what fans hope to see when Haven hits our screens again. Which brings me to the latest 5 for 5: Haven‘s 5 most anticipated reveals!

The Blinking Tattoos

These have been insidiously woven through many scenes from early episodes featuring Julia Carr to the penultimate scenes of the season 4 finale. There was finally acknowledgement of and some explanation about these supernatural marks in the final episode of Haven.


They are inherited, they are as old as the Troubles, and Vince’s ‘blinks’ in sync with the lighthouse. But many fans are not satisfied with this. Are those with blinking tattoos related to each other, e.g. the Carrs and Vince? Perhaps they are only on Havenites with Migma blood? Do they appear at times when something Guard-related is occurring, or can their visibility be controlled? Vince’s tattoo signified the location of the door; do others have purpose too? Clearly we still have a lot to learn! Personally I would like to see the Mi’kmaq influence explored – that could certainly bring some answers and the writers do keep leaving Easter eggs hinting at the prospect.

The Rings

‘Will we find out more about the matching rings?’ is probably the most commonly asked question making Q+As with the cast. ICYMI Nathan lifts a patterned ring from Garland’s remains in 2×01; in 2×12 Vince gives Audrey an identical ring that he explains was Sarah’s. I was lucky enough to put that question to Emily and Lucas at London Comic Con last year. Emily agreed it was a good question that she herself wanted to know the answer to, and occasionally reminded the writers about, but thought that they probably had forgotten about them for season 4. And Lexie had her own rings, amongst other jewellery. Lucas has admitted that finding the ring on the Chief’s body was his idea as he wanted something to remember his Dad by.

So do they have a part to play in the Haven mythology or are they just symbols that have unexpectedly got fans obsessing? There was the possibility that a time-traveling Nathan gave his ring to Sarah who then indirectly passed it to Audrey. But keen-eyed viewers have noticed Nathan still wears a chain which led Nora Zukerman to confirm that there are indeed 2 rings. So were these wedding bands? Why did Garland and Sarah have them? Did Sarah give it to Vince as a token of love? Why have Audrey and Nathan not noticed these? We have no choice but to wait and see – and continue speculating!

Garland and Sarah's rings

Nathan’s House

After a tiny glimpse of Nathan’s living room, where he apparently sleeps, in 4×07, fans are still excitedly hoping we find out more about where he lives in Season 5. Will there be decoupage on the walls? Perhaps some pictures of his family? Will it be ‘baby-proofed’ to stop him hurting himself? The cast and crew have discussed this to hilarious ends.

Watch the #DiscoverHaven live stream at 11.35 to see their suggestions. (There is dead air for the first 1:20 but I promise you the video is there.)

I had thought he might move in with Audrey but after the finale this seems unlikely. If Lucas has a hand in it I’m sure there will be some comedic elements involved in the reveal. Although Nathan’s dream house with a sea monster in the pool? Creepy, Nate.

What happened to the Colorado Kid?

Poor James. In his brief appearance on the show we find out that he comes to Haven searching for his parents. Just after he finds Lucy he is hit from behind and dies, though his killer is never found. However he is taken into the Barn and resurrected, only to leave the Barn in Season 3 and find himself dying again. He returns to the Barn, heals, and does finally meet his parents – only to be stabbed by his wife and trapped inside an imploding Barn, presumed to be dead once more. Phew! This guy’s like a cat, but does he have one more life?

Nathan certainly seems to suggest he’s dead in 4×04 when he says “I lost a son. I may even be responsible for his death” but many think he could have been thrown out of the Barn like Duke. Or is he living in the Other World? With regards to his original death speculations include Dave as the culprit – hence his fear of Sarah – and Max Hansen.

James Cogan, Audrey Parker, Haven

It did feel to me like CK was forgotten in S4, especially after Season 3 centred around him, leaving viewers hanging.
@bmillikin stipulated that we will find out more about James and Max in Season 5. I’m sure too this will feature Nathan’s back story – bring it on!

Has Haven seen the last of Jennifer?

She certainly looked it at the end of Season 4, but as the crew says no one ever truly dies in Haven (see above as case in point). With parting words of ‘we never should have opened the door’ Jennifer still has some explaining to do. For poor Duke’s sake some fans are hopeful that Dukifer can return in S5. Being other-worldly perhaps she shares William’s ability to heal? Perhaps she just passed out? I suspect this will be put to rest (no pun intended) in the opening scenes of Season 5.

Emma Lahana as Jennifer Mason in Haven 4x7 "Lay Me Down."

So to sum up: we need Haven Season 5! And 6,7,8…

Do you have any speculations you want to discuss? Find me on Twitter @tanavip !

Many thanks to the much appreciated writers of Haven who continue to discuss wild speculations with their fans.

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