Fan Fashion: Interview with Styrogirls! [VIDEO]

From Chewbacca to Godzilla to the Stay Puft man, these ladies know how to make almost anything from styrofoam! Since 2006, sisters Sorrel and Tarrin McDonough have been fashioning styrofoam into art pieces, movie props and even wearable costumes for polar bear swims! Their ‘urban art’ is created in their spare time as a creative outlet and I was lucky enough to visit their Vancouver studio and check out their work first hand, to see how they bring their favourite pop culture icons to lightweight colourful life. Plus we chat about their famous sister Killjoys‘ Tamsen McDonough and I give a few suggestions for future projects (vote for Groot!)

You can check out more of the sister’s fantastic creations on Instagram: Styrogirls and on Twitter: @styrogirls

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