Fan Fashion: Canvas Warriors [VIDEO]

One of the best parts of visiting conventions is the abundance of stalls full of great stuff available to buy and made to cater for the nerd-dom. One great case in point is Canvas Warriors. Since 2006 Sandira and co. have been designing and selling shoes, jewellery, clothes and bags to TV, movie and comic fans. Though based in London they have travelled the globe making customers out of convention fans and celebrities alike. They also donate some proceeds to good causes like the Ian Somerhalder Foundation –  “saving the world, one shoe at a time”!

The Canvas Warriors away team with the cast of the Vampire Diaries

They have amassed a solid social media presence with over 5500  followers on Twitter and 2600 on Instagram.

Why? See for yourselves…


See what you can buy at:, follow them on Twitter @CanvasWarriors and on Instagram canvaswarriors

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