Bryce Papenbrook and Trina Nishimura who voice Eren and Mikasa respectively on the English dub of the anime smash hit Attack On Titan gave us a sampling of their talent on the Buzz couch, some thoughts on Season 2 and a hilarious in-depth answer to the question ‘What would you eat as a pre-battle last meal?’

Off screen it was great to see the two interacting together and with fans, getting into the Con spirit and later buying comic prints of their characters from Attack on Titan. Trina is a real foodie and inevitably talk turned to good London restaurants (Japanese is always a good option). Even if you’ve never watched anime I urge you to check it out – it’s easy to get into the fantastic series and understand why it has garnered global success.

Watch out for Attack on Titan Series 2 scheduled to air February 2017.

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