CON MAN/ UNCHARTED: Nolan North Interview! [VIDEO]

Nolan North’s voice may be heard on a regular basis in Uncharted and various other video games, but he is soon to be seen on TV in Con Man the series which has now been picked up by Syfy network, and developing a third series. So how does he feel about everyone’s favourite Nathan being played by Tom ‘Spiderman’ Holland? We caught up with him last week at Fan Expo Canada to discuss a bunch of his projects, where he fanboyed about Alan Tudyk and JJ Abrams, revealed the secret to his heart, a Texan voice, and whether he has the droid you are looking for …

Check out Nolan’s voice in the Uncharted video game series, most recently in Uncharted 4.

Con Man premieres on Syfy network on 9th September in the U.S. The U.K. premiere date is still to be announced.

Star Trek Into Darkness is currently available on DVD.

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