STAR WARS: Donnie Yen Interview! [VIDEO]

From Chinese classics like Ip Man to the most recent installment of the Star Wars saga Star Wars: Rogue One, Donnie Yen has been showing us his mastery of martial arts on the big screen for decades. But he has proved himself much more than just an action star, as Wing Chun world champion and, would you believe, a pianist! He does have a softer side though, having taken a break from acting to spend time with his young family and even starring in a couple of Chinese rom-coms (seriously: All’s well Ends well – check it out!)  Having achieved another dream being cast in Star Wars, Donnie is now working on Ip Man 4 which will continue the biopic of Wing Chun grandmaster and Bruce Lee’s former teacher, Yip Man.

Here he tells us a little about his upcoming projects and amazing life including working with Jiang Wen, Mike Tyson and the late Carrie Fisher, plus let’s slip what he’s afraid of…


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