Haven UK Fanclub Trip Part 5 – Haven Fan Party!!!


Our last morning was a little sad but I did geek out to find this pool in our hotel, Atlantica(luckily minus a shark), featured in episode 3×04; and later the Hansen House from 4×10:


Images: Atlantica Hotel pool 

After saying our goodbyes in Chester, we decided to drive the scenic ‘Lighthouse Route’ back to Halifax Airport. We passed some beautiful beaches, and Mill Cove (seen in ‘Silent Night’ episode where Nathan shoots the dome; watch out for it in S5 too!) before stopping at the famous Shore Club for a lobster lunch.


Images: Beach, Mill Cove 

VIDEO: Shore Club

Inside the manager told us about the history of the place which has kept a vintage feel, perfect for a Haven location, inside and out. It is notably featured in episode 3×09 ‘Sarah’. On the weekends many of the crew can be found there eating lobster and listening to a live band.


Images: Shore Club 

Last but certainly not least we found Peggy’s Cove:


Images: Peggy’s Cove

Reaching it at sunset it certainly felt magical, even with plenty of tourists milling about. The lighthouse towers against the ocean backdrop; making me wonder how they got Helena up there for episode 1×05! Getting to soak up the Nova Scotian coast there on a beautiful day seemed a fitting end to our trip.

I hope you enjoyed this fan trip series and it makes the hiatus pass a little quicker. Check out more in the Gallery, and see you later this year for all new Haven!

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